This is our Terms and Conditions for our future deals and cooperation with and for you. Before choosing to make a deal with us please:

  • Read through these terms and conditions.

  • Read through our privacy policy regarding your personal information.

  • By hiring us for any of the services we offer, you are legally bound by the conditions listed here.

  • We reserve the right to revise our website and conditions without notice to you. It is your responsibility to frequently visit the Terms and Conditions page in order to find out about the changes that we might apply.
  • Engaging into a communication with us via email or message sent from our contact page, you become one of our clients.

2. About Us

Owlempires is currently owned by individual freelancers and this is our highly detailed and well described website.
You can see our Official Social Media pages here :

3. Communication

You agree that email and other electronic messages can be used for long distance communication. By this you accept that everything has to be written in electronic form so later it can comply as legal evidence.


  • All of our clients have the right to ask us not to showcase their projects. In this case we will protect that information for a time of three years. This can be extended by requesting so in a electronic mail.
  • Our clients have no permission to give away any private information that we might have shared with them.
  • Public information that was posted by one of the members of Owlempires can be shared by anyone.
  • No personal information will be shared with any third party, unless we got approval to do otherwise.

5.Payments and prices

  • Every project will be quoted individually based on the time it requires to finish it.
  • Projects quotes can come in two different ways. Fixed price or Hourly rate.
  • Fixed quote will be discussed via email. This might go higher ,based on the client`s additional requirements for the project.
  • Hourly rate is a amount from EURO 150 to 250 /hour, depending on the decision made before making the deal.
  • There is a chance of requiring milestone payments as the project goes on. This will be clarified before making the deal.
  • While we are working on your project, we will do our best to keep you updated about it. Once the project was finalized, we will show you a small preview of the render or model, before sending through the final files. Final files will be only sent, once the payment is sent and received by us, permanently.
  • In case of not living with the opportunity of the milestones,we reserve the right not to release our finalized product/service until the discussed price is paid.
  • All payments will be made via PayPal. Safe and fast!


  • We will deliver our product/service to the email supplied by you.
  • Dates quoted are an approximate, for various and obvious reasons.

7.Client Obligations

  • To co-operate with the members of Owlempires and provide "intel" within a sufficient time.
  • Provide high and accurate detailed information about the project that has to be made.

8.Intellectual Property

  • The content on this website is copyright protected from every angle and view.
  • Our gallery is a portfolio for the individual members of Owlempires.com
  • No images can be used from www.owlempires.com , or from any of our social media pages, unless we give you a written approval about this.
  • Our Gallery and individual Images found on this website can be only shared with their direct links or social media "share" buttons/links.
  • You acknowledge that any other use of our data is strictly prohibited.


  • We reserve the right to change domain address and service availability at any time.
  • Service descriptions are approximate