What just happened ?

We disappeared ,didn't we ?

I began my year with saying "2016 will be my year"
Yet I cannot remember most part of my year. I worked on a project where I was less than respected or appreciated . Even tho I was working 18 hours every single day.

I invested all my time and energy into a project, which was way beneath me. Just because it was something steady.
Probably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever done.

I missed the challenges, I missed the risk and I missed the feeling when I accomplished something while I knew that there is a heavy counter strike if failed.

I was moving backwards. I simply decided to end it and come back to depending on nobody but myself.
That experience brought light on my true value.

Everything happens for a reason.

On that note and the fact that I finally had some more time to write and even more time to actually give back to the people who are on the same path as I am.

I will be releasing a article about Automotive CGI and lay out all the cards!
I will share my experience with you so you can climb higher!

Stay tuned and make sure you visit us daily in the next two weeks!

Kind regards,
Robert Bodis


Bodis Robert

Owlempires, Aleea Rogerius, Oradea, BH, Romania