The Polybox


It has been over a month, since I found out about a group called "The Polybox"

At first, I tought it is the same old-same old Facebook group, people joining, posting their work, obtaining 20 to 150 likes, then having dinner and forgetting everything about it.

I`m quite sure you already guessed it, I was wrong.

It has been 4 days since our Ferrari FXXK render got published in the "3D Artists" Magazine.
I was quite flattered when I got a message that my 911 Porsche Automotive render got published on The Polybox headline

Owlempires content on the headlines ? That`s more like it!

I opened up their website.
First glance, you will notice that this ain`t regular website. The page structure is really well made and easy to use and memorize what`s where.

The images are clean, the text is spot on.
The content is just great! The renders are selected beforehand by the founders of the website, you will definitely find pure inspiration.

That`s not all!

The Polybox is a "Universal Designer Platform"
"Why ?"

In the future you will be able to:
-Buy/download/watch CGI resources. 3D Models ,Tutorials and so on....
-Find CGI related jobs,
-Showcase your projects (already included) and create online portfolios

Basically incorporates all the websites that you need to become a succesfull CG Illustrator.
Everything you`ll ever need in one website.

Take a look, post one of your projects, and maybe get featured on The Polybox website.

Have a good one,

The Polybox website
Facebook Page

Bodis Robert

Owlempires, Aleea Rogerius, Oradea, BH, Romania