Website release!

It has been a month since the old portfolio website went offline, but wait no more!

A completely new website takes its place, and turns from portfolio into a professional business website.

We have two missions at the moment.
-Function as a professional CGI website (design), re-new our deals with our current and older clients , so they will shine through our website too.
-Teach young designers how to move up the ladder and earn 5 digit payments a month.
This is just the beginning obviously!

Stay tuned and get news about our upcoming projects, dealing with million dollar worth companies and learn all the perks from us in form of tutorials in order to be able to follow our path.
This is why we will be sending out tutorials in form of newsletters

We guarantee that your income will grow by the next month!

Kind Regards,

Bodis Robert

Owlempires, Aleea Rogerius, Oradea, BH, Romania