Automotive CGI Walk-through and Workflow

For the last few months, I've been working on a project.

You know in every profession, people will try to push you down or simply not helping you so they can be superiors. Obviously not everybody, but most.

I say to hell with them.

I'd like to invite you to read about my freshly written, long article about Automotive CGI.
I share my full knowledge and my resources in a mid-speed phase.


You can find it on Corona Renderer's blog, right HERE



Corona Renderer did it again!

Something very cool just happened.
Official 1.5 release of Corona Renderer.

You guys have no idea how excited this made me. The new functions are cannot be described so good.

The new features include
-Interactive LightMix
-Updated materials for the ever evolving CG industry
-Post in VFB for bloom, glare and others
-LUT list
-Corona Distance

And many others!
You can read about the functions and development progress more deeply right HERE.

Also, see video here!

It cannot be described how much appreciation I have towards the whole Corona team.
Making such an awesome render engine, that basically serves me to bring food on our table.

Greatest appreciation!
As always!

Big R!

What just happened ?

We disappeared ,didn't we ?

I began my year with saying "2016 will be my year"
Yet I cannot remember most part of my year. I worked on a project where I was less than respected or appreciated . Even tho I was working 18 hours every single day.

I invested all my time and energy into a project, which was way beneath me. Just because it was something steady.
Probably one of the biggest mistakes I have ever done.

I missed the challenges, I missed the risk and I missed the feeling when I accomplished something while I knew that there is a heavy counter strike if failed.

I was moving backwards. I simply decided to end it and come back to depending on nobody but myself.
That experience brought light on my true value.

Everything happens for a reason.

On that note and the fact that I finally had some more time to write and even more time to actually give back to the people who are on the same path as I am.

I will be releasing a article about Automotive CGI and lay out all the cards!
I will share my experience with you so you can climb higher!

Stay tuned and make sure you visit us daily in the next two weeks!

Kind regards,
Robert Bodis


The Polybox


It has been over a month, since I found out about a group called "The Polybox"

At first, I tought it is the same old-same old Facebook group, people joining, posting their work, obtaining 20 to 150 likes, then having dinner and forgetting everything about it.

I`m quite sure you already guessed it, I was wrong.

It has been 4 days since our Ferrari FXXK render got published in the "3D Artists" Magazine.
I was quite flattered when I got a message that my 911 Porsche Automotive render got published on The Polybox headline

Owlempires content on the headlines ? That`s more like it!

I opened up their website.
First glance, you will notice that this ain`t regular website. The page structure is really well made and easy to use and memorize what`s where.

The images are clean, the text is spot on.
The content is just great! The renders are selected beforehand by the founders of the website, you will definitely find pure inspiration.

That`s not all!

The Polybox is a "Universal Designer Platform"
"Why ?"

In the future you will be able to:
-Buy/download/watch CGI resources. 3D Models ,Tutorials and so on....
-Find CGI related jobs,
-Showcase your projects (already included) and create online portfolios

Basically incorporates all the websites that you need to become a succesfull CG Illustrator.
Everything you`ll ever need in one website.

Take a look, post one of your projects, and maybe get featured on The Polybox website.

Have a good one,

The Polybox website
Facebook Page

Humster3D Automotive Render Competition.

As many of you know, Humster3D hosts a Automotive CGI Competition every year and it is a one of the "must" attend competitions.
Not only because the prize list is longer than my monthly food supply shopping list, but because it pushes you to spend a lot of time on making every couple pixels detailed on your entry.

This year was no different,
Lot's of people joined and competed.
Some of the entries were mindblowing and eye-opening. Without a doubt everybody got a new perspective on where all the Automotive CGI is going.

The winners will be announced in the next couple of days.
Stay tuned

In the meantime, see our entry here.